ability rating 意味

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  • 考課、能力評価
  • rating:    rating n. 評価, 格付け; 視聴率; 支持率.【動詞+】chess players who attain the rating of grand masterグランドマスターの格付けを得ているチェスのプレーヤーThe car was awarded the highest rating in a recent test.その車は最近のテストで最高の評価を与えられたget the hi
  • ability:    ability n. 能力, 技量, 手腕, 才能.【動詞+】admire sb's ability人の能力を称賛するThe drug affects the ability of the liver to function efficiently.この薬を服用すると肝臓が効率よく働かなくなるanalyze sb's ability人の能力を分析するappreciate sb's abilit
  • ability for:    《someone's ~》~に関する[対する](人)の能力{のうりょく}


  1. there was no substantial difference among these three types of people , and population increases in the family registers associated with their registration reflected on the ability rating of the kokushi (provincial governors ) and gunji (local magistrates ) (kokaryo (regulation on the efficiency rating of government officials )) .


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