abnormal depreciation 意味

  • 異常償却
  • depreciation:    depreciation n. 価値の低下, 下落; 減価償却; 卑下.【動詞+】Depreciation can be deducted from tax.減価償却分は税金から控除されうる.【+動詞】Depreciation reduces the income assessment for tax purposes.減価償却で税目的の収入査定は下がる.【形容詞 名詞+】(a) curren
  • in depreciation:    ~を軽蔑して
  • abnormal:    abnormal adj. 異常な.【副詞】be highly abnormal大変異常である.【+前置詞】It is abnormal for temperatures to be so high in mid-November. 11月中旬にこんなに気温が高いのは異常だ.


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