absolute and universal 意味

  • 《be ~》絶対{ぜったい}で普遍的{ふへん てき}である
  • absolute universal:    絶対的普遍性{ぜったい てき ふへん せい}
  • universal:    universal adj. 一般の, 世界的な.【+前置詞】The likening of stars and star-groups to animals and other objects is almost universal among mankind.星や星のグループを動物その他になぞらえるのはほとんど世界中至る所に見られることであるPeople tend to think tha
  • absolute:    absolute絶対的ぜったいてき純然たるじゅんぜんたる絶対ぜったい


  1. the kenmitsu taisei theory claims that the authentic religion in medieval japan , in fact , was kenmitsu buddhism , which had been integrated under the umbrella of esoteric buddhism after the heian period , and eight old buddhism sects did not co-exist but formed a competitive order built on the absolute and universal truth of esoteric buddhism while sharing as the common foundation the characteristics peculiar to esoteric buddhism: prayers for peace of souls and ritualistic faith .


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