absolutely overjoyed 意味

  • 《be ~》もううれしくてうれしくて
  • overjoyed:    overjoyed adj. 大喜びの.【副詞】She was absolutely overjoyed.有頂天だった.【+前置詞】He was overjoyed with the news.その知らせを聞いて非常に喜んだ.【+to do】He was overjoyed to see you.あなたに会って大喜びだった【+that節】I was overjoyed that our pat
  • overjoyed at:    《be ~》~に大喜びする、~に狂喜するMy mother overjoyed at becoming a grandmother.He was overjoyed at the discovery.
  • overjoyed to learn that:    《be ~》(that 以下)ということを知って喜びにたえない


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