absorb knowledge 意味

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  • 知識{ちしき}を吸収{きゅうしゅう}する
  • absorb knowledge from the book:    本を読むことで知識{ちしき}を吸収{きゅうしゅう}する
  • absorb:    absorb v. 吸収する; 心を奪う; 併合する.【副詞1】He is completely absorbed in his thoughts.一心不乱に考えているThe chemical has not been completely absorbed.その薬は完全には吸収されていないShe was deeply absorbed in a detective story.推理小説にすっ
  • to absorb:    to absorb吸い取るすいとる


  1. in addition , takakage invited medical scientists such as ippaku tanino , 半井見孝 , akitaka nakarai , 丹波親孝 in an active effort to absorb knowledge about medical science .
  2. namely , in the qing dynasty since 1860 ' s , movement to absorb knowledge and technologies of western countries had been gathering momentum and interest in international law was its extension .


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