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  • abstain from:    ~を慎む[控える?節制{せっせい}する]、禁酒{きんしゅ}するMonks must abstain from many pleasures. 僧侶は多くの快楽を慎まなければならない。
  • abstain on a vote:    投票{とうひょう}を棄権{きけん}する
  • to abstain (from):    to abstain (from)断つ絶つたつ


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  1. to abstain from the enjoyment which is in our power
  2. will the defendant abstain from this flagrant ...
  3. i heard you were told you have to abstain from food ...
    お食事は控えるよう 言われてると思いますが...。
  4. using a campaign that encouraged people to abstain , be faithful , and use condoms
    禁酒 誠実 コンドーム使用を推進する
  5. there remains a letter in which he later advised his grandson terumoto mori to abstain from drinking .


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