abuse of confidentiality 意味

  • abuse of confidentiality
  • prevent the abuse of confidentiality rules:    機密保持規定{きみつ ほじ きてい}を乱用{らんよう}せぬようにする
  • confidentiality:    confidentiality n. 機密(性).【動詞+】breach the confidentiality of a report報告の機密性を犯すSuch talk endangers the confidentiality of our discussions.こういう話し方はわれわれの議論の機密性を危うくするWe must ensure confidentiality.機密性を確保
  • abuse:    1abuse n.(1) 弊害, 悪弊, 悪習.【動詞+】The new Administration is determined to attack these abuses aggressively.新政権はこれらの悪弊に積極的に取り組むことを決意しているcheck abuses弊害を防止するIt will take time to correct these abuses .これらの悪弊


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