abusive relationship 意味

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  • 虐待関係{ぎゃくたい かんけい}
  • involved in an abusive relationship:    《be ~》虐待関係{ぎゃくたい かんけい}にある
  • abusive:    abusive adj. ののしりの; 虐待の.【副詞】My husband is sometimes extremely abusive.夫は極端に乱暴になることがあるphysically abusive身体に虐待を加えてHis language was viciously abusive.彼の言葉はひどく口ぎたないbe willfully abusive意図的に虐待を加える.【+前置詞】D
  • abusive of:    《be ~》~の乱用{らんよう}である


  1. stephanie had an abusive relationship with her father , right ?
    理にかなってる ステファニーは
  2. it was an abusive relationship .


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