abusive 意味

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  • abusive of:    《be ~》~の乱用{らんよう}である
  • abusive to:    《be ~》(人)を罵倒{ばとう}する
  • abusive behavior:    虐待的{ぎゃくたい てき}な態度{たいど}、虐待行為{ぎゃくたい こうい}


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  1. yoritomo was intensely abusive to him saying:
  2. where the abusive behavior will be seen as unacceptable
    そこでは 人を傷つける行動は
  3. there's no indication these kids came from abusive families .
  4. you hear about a thousand 100 ,000 abusive voices
    千とか10万という 口汚い言葉が聞こえます
  5. wasteful: abusive and focused on labor productivity .
    浪費: 歯止めない労働生産性の追求


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