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  1. It can be said that the recruitment process for studio staff seems to prioritise ability over academic clique .
  2. The tendency was to promote the formation of the academic cliques , and as a result , to promote the exclusion of the other clans and inheritance of hereditary learning .
  3. Furthermore , a kind of academic cliques were formed among daigaku-ryo ' s professors , who disputed over not only theories but also students ' success in life , particularly in the kidendo department , where fierce conflicts among the sugawara clan , the oe clan , and other clans took place .
  4. It was needless to say that the monjoin was the university jikiso , an official institution , so that it also served as a dormitory for students from the clans which did not have a daigaku besso of their own -- thereby , a close relationship was developed between the students and their supervisor , hakase of the sugawara clan or the oe clan and the students formed a kind of academic clique .
  5. It reflected the social conditions at the time when instruction on the kidendo was widely offered; on the other hand , such an act was obliged to involve a private relationship between master and disciple -- it was considered that the latter fact introduced a conflict between the academic clique from the sugawara clan and those from the hakase who opposed the sugawara clan , and that the latter made the daigaku-ryo system only in name and promoted the formation of hereditary learning .
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