academic community 意味

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  • 学界{がっかい}、アカデミック?コミュニティ


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  1. with people outside of the academic community .
  2. all of the algorithms developed by merck or the international academic community
    この分野の専門家チームの 開発したアルゴリズムを破った彼らのチームに
  3. in those days there were not many scholars who agreed with the theory of yu mizuno although it drew attention among the academic community .
  4. later a theory , which developed mizuno ' s theory critically , was brought forth in the academic community of the studies of ancient history .
  5. the academic community was stunned today as dr . jerome thomas , curator of the fossil collection at the triboro museum of natural history , was charged with two separate murders ...
    [トライボロ自然歴史博物館 化石コレクションの] [館長であるジェローム・トーマス博士が] [2つの殺人容疑で告発され]


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