academic dispute 意味

  • 学問上の論争{ろんそう}
  • academic:    academic adj. 学問の.【副詞】It is a purely academic question without practical ramifications.それは実用的な派生物を生みだすことのない純粋に学問上の問題だThat question is purely academic.その問題は純粋に学問に関わることだ.
  • a dispute:    a dispute繋争けいそう
  • dispute:    1dispute n. 議論; 争議, 紛争, けんか; 異論, 異議.【動詞+】They were able to accommodate their dispute.紛争を和解させることができたadjust a dispute between the two parties at variance反目する両者間の紛争を調停するadjust disputes among……間の紛争をまとめる


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