academic institution 意味

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  • 学術機関{がくじゅつ きかん}
  • national institution for academic degrees:    大学評価?学位授与機構◆【URL】
  • academic:    academic adj. 学問の.【副詞】It is a purely academic question without practical ramifications.それは実用的な派生物を生みだすことのない純粋に学問上の問題だThat question is purely academic.その問題は純粋に学問に関わることだ.
  • institution:    institution n. 設立, 制定; 制度, 慣習; 協会, 団体; 施設, 機関; おなじみのもの, 名物.【動詞+】endow a public institution公共機関に基金を寄付するThe alumni of this university can enter institutions in Europe and America for postgraduate work


  1. the temple ' s origins began in 1601 when ieyasu tokugawa invited kanshitsu , 9th head of the ashikaga gakko (japan ' s oldest academic institution ), to establish the enko-ji temple school in fushimi .
  2. meanwhile , in the eastern part of japan , norizane uesugi reestablished the ashikaga gakko (japan ' s oldest academic institution ) by adding a collection of books , so priests and warriors from all over the country gathered to learn .


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