acceptance of bribes 意味

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  • 賄賂{わいろ}の受け取り
  • acceptance:    acceptance n. 受け入れられること, 受納; 承諾; 受諾, 容認; 〔商業〕 手形の引き受け.【動詞+】We ask your acceptance of certain inconveniences during installation of a computerized system.電算システムの取りつけ中は多少の不便をご了承願いますI beg your acceptan
  • acceptance of:    ~の受領{じゅりょう}、~の承諾{しょうだく}[受諾{じゅだく}?承認{しょうにん}]
  • no acceptance:    引き受けなし


  1. tadaakira officially approved of bribery--a practice previously banned by sadanobu and nobuaki--and encouraged the acceptance of bribes .


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