accessibility to 意味

  • ~に行きやすいこと
  • accessibility:    accessibility n. 接近できること, 近づきやすさ.【動詞+】improve accessibility近づきやすくするThe high peaks that surround the region limit accessibility.その地域は高い峰々に囲まれているので近づくのが難かしい.【形容詞 名詞+】Easy accessibility is a major adva
  • accessibility feature:    ユーザ補助機能{ほじょ きのう}
  • accessibility hierarchy:    接近可能性{せっきん かのうせい}の階層{かいそう}


  1. due to the ease of accessibility to each city in kitakinki , maizuru port and keihanshin , it allows for two factors , ' people ' and ' goods ,' from the three factors governing business ' people ,' ' goods ' and ' money ,' to move about easily .
  2. along with the double-tracked line below sasayamaguchi station , the number of trains has increased and access to osaka station has improved dramatically; moreover , the inauguration of the jr tozai line has provided good accessibility to osaka city , eastern osaka and the direction of nara .
  3. the primary material from which shakuhachi are fashioned is still madake bamboo; however , inexpensive shakuhachi made from wood , plastic and other synthetic materials such as plastic have been developed , and are primarily aimed at improving accessibility to the instrument and targeted at beginning students .
  4. unlike those similar services found in the mountainous regions , where only a limited number of bus stop is allowed to set up because of their topographic conditions , this " free get on and off section " service was introduced in consideration to those people of advanced age , who have less accessibility to the bus stops away from their home .
  5. because the station is located at the top of the stone steps from the prefectural route , and since gentle stairs are the only way to get to the platform level from the track level , the accessibility to the station is seemingly limited for persons in wheelchairs; however , the station can also be reached from the prefectural route via an approach to the shrine called ' daijingusha ' located on the demachiyanagi station side close to the station , via the level crossing (class 4 ) and a slope up to the platform .


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