accessory fruit 意味

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  • 偽果{ぎか}、副果
  • accessory:    1accessory n. 付属物; 〔服飾〕 アクセサリー; 共犯者.【動詞+】attach an accessoryアクセサリーをつけるdetach an accessoryアクセサリーをはずずIt costs £500 including the accessories.それは付属品を含めると 500 ポンドする.【+動詞】What accessories go with the ten
  • accessory...:    accessory...類質― (火山)[地球]
  • fruit:    fruit n. 果物, 果実; 産物; 結果, 成果.【動詞+】They refused to abandon the fruits victory.戦果を手放すことを拒んだbear fruit実を結ぶ; 成果があがるThe persimmon bears a fruit about the size of an apple.柿はリンゴほどの実を結ぶThe investment will b


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