accessory podium 意味

  • accessory podium
  • at the podium:    演壇{えんだん}で
  • podium:    podium n. 指揮台, 演壇.【前置詞+】The conductor looked down from the podium at his orchestra.指揮者は指揮台からオーケストラを見下ろしたThe speaker was on the podium for three hours.弁士は 3 時間壇上でしゃべり続けた.
  • accessory:    1accessory n. 付属物; 〔服飾〕 アクセサリー; 共犯者.【動詞+】attach an accessoryアクセサリーをつけるdetach an accessoryアクセサリーをはずずIt costs £500 including the accessories.それは付属品を含めると 500 ポンドする.【+動詞】What accessories go with the ten


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