accessory to murder 意味

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  • 殺人{さつじん}の共犯者{きょうはんしゃ}[従犯者{じゅうはん しゃ}]
  • charged with accessory to murder:    《be ~》殺人{さつじん}の共犯{きょうはん}で起訴{きそ}される
  • haul someone off to lockup for accessory to murder:    (人)を殺人{さつじん}の共犯{きょうはん}で刑務所{けいむしょ}に連行{れんこう}する
  • accessory:    1accessory n. 付属物; 〔服飾〕 アクセサリー; 共犯者.【動詞+】attach an accessoryアクセサリーをつけるdetach an accessoryアクセサリーをはずずIt costs £500 including the accessories.それは付属品を含めると 500 ポンドする.【+動詞】What accessories go with the ten


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  1. 'cause you don't want to be charged as an accessory to murder ?
    34: 15,663 -
  2. sydney you be an accessory to murder .
    シドニーは 殺人の従犯になるかもしれない
  3. how would you say accessory to murder again ?
  4. $50 ,000 for an accessory to murder charge ? well , that's the thing .
  5. it means you're an accessory to murder .


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