accidental discharge 意味

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  • 事故時放出{じこじ ほうしゅつ}、暴発{ぼうはつ}
  • accidental gun discharge:    accidental gun discharge暴発ぼうはつ
  • accidental:    accidental不慮ふりょ偶発的ぐうはつてき偶発ぐうはつ不測ふそく不期ふき
  • accidental...:    accidental...異質― (火山)[地球]; 偶発的[電情]


  1. the gradual discharge is said to have small risk of accidental discharge by touching the trigger alone but have lower accuracy .
  2. although the accuracy is lower , this type of gun is suitable for hunting because it has small risk of accidental discharge and can be carried with burning match .
  3. condition number six: the tokugawa family should exert maximum effort in the suppression of any potential accidental discharge of samurais and retainers by the tokugawa family or the former tokugawa shogunate army .


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