accidental occurrence 意味

  • 偶発{ぐうはつ}(事件{じけん})
  • accidental:    accidental不慮ふりょ偶発的ぐうはつてき偶発ぐうはつ不測ふそく不期ふき
  • accidental...:    accidental...異質― (火山)[地球]; 偶発的[電情]
  • occurrence:    occurrence n. 起こること, 発生; 事件, 出来事.【動詞+】It is difficult to know what causes any particular occurrence of cancer.何が特定のがんの発生の原因となるのか知るのは難しいWe've had several such occurrences recently.最近何度かこんな出来事が生じているpr


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