accumulate virtues 意味



  1. According to the doctrine of this school , the believers should do gongyo not to accumulate virtues and not for spirits of the ancestors .
  2. The term shishi is derived from a phrase in ' the analects (of confucius )' that was ' shishi , a person of virtue accumulates virtues by killing himself ' .
  3. If a dead person is in jigoku-do (hell realm ), gakido (the buddhist hell of starvation ) or chikushodo (the realm of animals ), he or she will be saved; if he or she is in shurado (the world of fighting and slaughter ), jindo (the world of human beings in buddhism ), or ten (the heaven in buddhism ), it is considered that he or she accumulates virtues .
    もしも地獄道?餓鬼道?畜生道の三悪道に落ちていたとしても助け、修羅道?人道 (仏教)?天 (仏教)に居たならば徳が積まれる仕組みとなっている。
  4. Shugendo (mountaineering asceticism ), the way of yin and yang and others have developed to go beyond buddhism and shinto under the influence of esoteric buddhism , and these religions were used to to pray for repose of vengeful spirits in sacred spirit service (goryoe ) and other occasions from the expectation for the manifestation of mantra dharani (commandment of true words ) or the power of buddhism attained by accumulated virtues .
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