acetic 意味

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  • {形} : 酸っぱい、酢の


  1. the acetic acid bacteria form a thin film on the surface
    酢酸菌は 仕込み液の上面に 薄い膜を張り
  2. and along with that , some acetic acid .
  3. highly unpleasant odor caused by contamination of moronic with fuzokin , a type of unfavorable bacterium and resulting generated acetic acid , etc .
  4. boil the raw seaweed for about three hours in water containing a small amount of sulfuric acid and acetic acid to elute the mucilage of the seaweed .
  5. the main component is a tea-brown extremely stinky solution of dissolved iron in acetic acid (vinegar ) that is called " kanemizu " (iron paste water ), to this , the so-called fushiko or gallnut powder is added and mixed , then a hydrophobic solution is the result .


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