achieve political reform 意味

  • 政治改革{せいじ かいかく}を実現{じつげん}する[成し遂げる]


  1. godaigo ' s attempt to achieve political reform was motivated by a desire to avoid problems regarding the imperial succession , but this created conflict with the tokuso autocracy of the bakufu , and in 1324 godaigo ' s plan to lead an uprising was revealed , and the kuge who served as his close advisers were punished (shochu disturbance ).
    こうした後醍醐の姿勢は皇位継承問題をきっかけとして幕府の得宗専制と衝突することとなり、1324年(正中 (元号)1)、後醍醐の蜂起計画が露呈し、側近の公家が処罰された(正中の変)。


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