acid cleavage 意味

発音を聞く:   acid cleavageの例文
  • 酸開裂{さん かいれつ}
  • cleavage:    cleavage n. 裂けること; 分裂; 女性の乳房の間のくぼみ.【動詞+】She shows a lot of cleavage.胸元をずいぶん見せている.【+動詞】A sharp cleavage has developed between them.彼らの間に激しい分裂が生じた.【形容詞 名詞+】A gold cross swung back and forth in her dee
  • abundant cleavage:    大きな胸の谷間{たにま}
  • adequal cleavage:    adequal cleavage準等割[医生]


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