acme of happiness and comfort 意味

  • 幸福{こうふく}と安楽{あんらく}の絶頂{ぜっちょう}
  • acme:    acme n. 絶頂.【動詞+】attain the acme of development発展の絶頂に達するIt has passed its acme.それはその頂点を過ぎたAthens had reached the acme of its prosperity .アテネは繁栄の絶頂に達していた.【+動詞】The acme of its power had come .その力の頂点に達し
  • at the acme of:    ~の極期{きょくき}に
  • happiness:    happiness n. 幸福, 喜び; (表現などの)巧妙, 適切さ.【動詞+】achieve happiness after many years of patience何年も堪え忍んでやっと幸福を得るHis promotion brought him happiness.昇進は彼に幸福をもたらしたHis father's sudden death clouded his happines


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