action and counteraction 意味

発音を聞く:   action and counteractionの例文
  • 作用{さよう}と反作用{はんさよう}
  • counteraction:    counteraction反訴はんそ解毒げどく
  • counteraction deodorizing equipment:    counteraction deodorizing equipment中和法悪臭処理装置[機械]
  • action:    action n.(1) 行動, 動作, 活動, 実行; (機械などの)動き; 行為, 行状; 方策, 処置; 《米》 議決.【動詞+】I can't account for his actions in the matter.その件で取った彼の行動は私には説明がつかないAll military action was broken off until after Christmas.すべての軍


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