action piece 意味

  • {1} : 〈米俗〉拳銃{けんじゅう}
    {2} : 〈米俗〉女
  • a piece of the action:    a píece [slíce] of the áction ((略式))分け前,割当て.
  • piece of the action:    《a ~》分け前{わけまえ}、分担{ぶんたん}Jim invested in an Internet business to get a piece of the action. ジムは自分も分け前にあずかろうと、インターネット?ビジネスに投資した。
  • get a piece of the action:    一口乗る、一枚加わる


  1. though mai-goto is mostly performed by single performer such as the noh shite (main role ) or the tsure , hataraki-goto contains performances by many performers around the shite such as in ' kirikumi ' (many samurai killing each other using a blade ) and ' tachimawari ' (a type of action piece , hataraki in noh , in which the dancer circles the stage to the left to noncongruent instrumental music , the stick drum may be used in the accompaniment ).
  2. there are four kinds of hataraki-goto that are played on nohkan , kotsuzumi , and otsuzumi: ' kakeri ' (a type of action piece in noh , hataraki danced about the ghosts of warriors , shura-mono or mad people , kyoran-mono to depict suffering or distraction ), ' iroe ' (shosa , a conduct of noh , short dance of the shite , a main role making the circuit of the stage silently before kuse ), ' kirikumi ,' and ' tachimawari ' (also called hataraki and the stick drum is used in some tachimawari ).


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