acute psychosis 意味

発音を聞く:   acute psychosisの例文
  • 急性精神病{きゅうせい せいしんびょう}
  • psychosis:    psychosis n. 精神異常, 精神病.【動詞+】symptoms that characterize (a) psychosis精神病を特色づける徴候diagnose a psychosis精神異常を診断する.【形容詞 名詞+】alcoholic psychosisアルコール性の精神病The patient was diagnosed as having a manic-depress
  • acute:    acute adj. 鋭い.【副詞】have keenly acute hearing明敏な鋭い聴覚をもつmake a remarkably acute observation about……について驚くほど鋭い所見を述べる.【+前置詞】He was very acute in his criticisms of the book.その本を鋭く批評したIt was very acute of
  • acute...:    acute...鋭形[医生]; 急性[医生]


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