add to discrimination 意味

  • 差別{さべつ}を助長{じょちょう}する
  • discrimination:    discrimination n. 差別; 区別, 弁別; 識別力, 眼識.【動詞+】We urged the South African government to abolish racial discrimination.南アフリカ政府に人種差別を撤廃するように強く迫ったThe university has barred discrimination on grounds of race
  • add:    add v. 加える.【副詞1】The new trees added a good deal to the appearance of the town.新たに樹木を植えたことで町の外観は一変した“It's the right thing to do. People will respect us for it," he added apologetically .?それ(をするの)は正しい
  • add in:    {句動} : 加える、間に入れる、計算{けいさん}に入れる


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