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  • adherent adjective:    接着形容詞{せっちゃく けいようし}
  • adherent cell:    接着細胞{せっちゃく さいぼう}、付着細胞{ふちゃく さいぼう}
  • adherent cementicle:    付着性{ふちゃくせい}セメント粒


  1. from the very beginning , nichidai , who was ceded omosu by nikko , was expelled by the people adherent to omosu .
  2. he was such a fervent adherent of kumano faith (kumano was believed to be a dwelling place of the gods ) that he made more than twenty pilgrimages to kumano shrines in either official and private visits , and particularly his pilgrimages done in 1210 , in 1216 , and in 1229 were recounted in his diary , " dairy of lord yorisuke ."


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