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  • 隣接地{りんせつ ち}、隣接{りんせつ}する場所{ばしょ}、隣接部位{りんせつ ぶい}


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  1. april 1 , 2006: the kyoto city iwakura district support center opened in the adjacent area .
    2006年(平成18年)4月1日 隣接地に京都市岩倉地域包括支援センターが開設。
  2. kaisho had chatodokoro (chanoyudokoro (the adjacent area to the tea room )) and the chanoyudana was placed there .
  3. 2004: the company constructed shin tajima-gura (new tajima sake warehouses ) in the adjacent area of the tajima-gura , and shifted all of the current facilities to the newly constructed area .
    2004年 – 但馬蔵の隣地に新但馬蔵を建設し、集約移動。
  4. made by putting kirizuma hafu (gable built on a kirizuma ) directly on the roof of fukioroshi (the extension of a roof or the elongation of eaves on the main part of a building in order to cover an adjacent area ).


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