adjacent land 意味

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  • 隣地{りんち}
  • adjacent:    adjacent adj. 隣接した.【+前置詞】a room adjacent to the entrance入口に接した部屋.The house is adjacent to a graveyard.その家は墓地に隣接している.
  • adjacent to:    ~に隣接した、~のすぐ近傍{きんぼう}にある
  • adjacent angle:    adjacent angle隣角[化学]; 隣接角[基礎]


  1. the offices of jinja-cho are usually established in precincts or adjacent land of relatively big shrine in each prefecture .
  2. as such , those samurai who obeyed the order to kill members of the taira clan were recognized as gokenin (shogun retainers ) and many were given recognition and guarantees of ownership of their principal residences in an act known as `hontaku ando` (confirmation of a family ' s possession of its residence and the immediately adjacent land ).
  3. 隣接する単語

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