administrative activities 意味

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  • 行政活動{ぎょうせい かつどう}
  • administrative:    {形} : 管理上{かんりじょう}の、行政上{ぎょうせい じょう}の、経営上{けいえい じょう}の、管理{かんり}の◆【略】admin ; admin.We want you to take over the department's administrative position. われわれはあなたに部の管理職を引き継いでもらいたい。-----------------------------
  • activities:    {名-1} : (課外{かがい})活動{かつどう}、行動{こうどう}、活発{かっぱつ}、取り組み、営み、働き、活気{かっき}There are club activities every day at our school. 私たちの学校では毎日クラブ活動がある。------------------------------------------------------------------
  • administrative ability:    管理能力{かんり のうりょく}、経営能力{けいえい のうりょく}、行政的手腕{ぎょうせいてき しゅわん}


  1. in conclusion , he noted that an administrative body has to know local conditions and situations thoroughly , and conduct the administrative activities based upon that knowledge .
  2. as ryoge no kan posts were being created whenever the need arise , they gradually came to have more control over administrative activities than the officials within the ritsuryo government .
  3. since a large number of soldiers (samurai ) shifted their activities from counterproductive military activities to administrative activities due to the rise of peaceful state and new rice fields were cultivated in various places , the economic development which had sustained for a long time from the warring states period to the azuchi momoyama period accerelated explosively , and a high-growth era started .


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