administrative assets 意味

  • 行政財産{ぎょうせい ざいさん}
  • assets:    assets資財しざい財産ざいさん資産しさん財力ざいりょく
  • administrative:    {形} : 管理上{かんりじょう}の、行政上{ぎょうせい じょう}の、経営上{けいえい じょう}の、管理{かんり}の◆【略】admin ; admin.We want you to take over the department's administrative position. われわれはあなたに部の管理職を引き継いでもらいたい。-----------------------------
  • active assets:    活動資産{かつどう しさん}


  1. thus , castles and jinya across the country were divided into administrative assets managed by the department of war and ordinary properties managed by okura-sho .
  2. under article 3 of the present national property act , state property was differentiated into administrative assets with intended purpose and " the assets for the imperial family ."
  3. in this case , keeping castles (i .e . making them administrative assets of the department of war ) was not intended for preserving the lands and buildings as ' cultural properties ' as in today ' s concept; rather , it aimed to convert time-honored castle buildings , stone walls , trees , and so on to army posts etc .
  4. this ordinance is a document issued from the meiji government to okura-sho as a notice of dajokan , stating that among the lands and buildings of castles across the country that had belonged to the department of war , those that are to be retained by the army for military purposes will be kept , meaning they will continue to be national administrative assets , and the other lands and buildings will be disposed of , meaning they will be national ordinary properties managed by and to be disposed of by okura-sho .


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