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  1. the settlement mediated by administrative authorities
  2. so most of the administrative authorities rest upon the student body .
    その実権のほとんどが 生徒に委ねられています
  3. in the time when the system of the ownership of all lands and serfs by the emperor was functioning , government officials including kokuga (provincial government offices ) exclusively owned judicial and administrative authorities .
  4. the agreements are the first ones in japan concluded between the administrative authorities and the university , promising cooperative ties over a wide range of activities , such as industry promotion , environmental protection , regional vitalization , and welfare work , and having objectives , like producing new business .
  5. it is recorded that nao deguchi was temporarily taken care of by a regional church of the konkokyo sect which was also shinto , and she engaged in activities under their name for some time , since establishment of religious corporations was strictly monitored and limited by the administrative authorities at that time .


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