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  1. Even after yamatohime no mikoto was enshrined at ise-jingu shrine , there was no chapel specifically dedicated to her until the taisho period , when a proposal was made by the administrative branch of ise-jingu shrine and ise city to erect a separate shrine for yamatohime no mikoto; the proposal was approved by the government on january 4 , 1920 and on november 5 , 1922 , she was enshrined in yamatohime no miya chapel on mt . kurata located between the inner shrine and the outer shrine .
  2. Its major roles were foreign diplomacy and defense , and for the nine provinces in saikaido (chikuzen , chikugo , buzen , bungo , hizen , higo , hyuga , satsuma , and osumi provinces ) and three islands (iki , tsushima , and tane (present osumi islands , absorbed into osumi in 824 ) provinces ), it held jurisdiction over an administrative branch and a judiciary branch including personnel affairs of jo (secretary of provincial offices ) and lower ranks as well as auditing shidoshi (envoys who bring four major official documents sent by kokushi (provincial governors )) .
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