administrative capital 意味

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  • 行政資本{ぎょうせい しほん}
  • administrative:    {形} : 管理上{かんりじょう}の、行政上{ぎょうせい じょう}の、経営上{けいえい じょう}の、管理{かんり}の◆【略】admin ; admin.We want you to take over the department's administrative position. われわれはあなたに部の管理職を引き継いでもらいたい。-----------------------------
  • capital:    capital n.(1) 首都; 中心地.【動詞+】They established a new capital inland.内陸部に新首都を建設したfound a capital首都を建設するmove the capital to…首都を…へ移す.【形容詞 名詞+】Pretoria, the administrative capital of South Africa南アフリカの行政上の
  • capital a:    大文字{おおもじ}の A


  1. in the beginning of the edo period , when the administrative capital was transferred to edo (tokyo ), the tokaido was regarded as one of the five major highways and thus became the most important route linking kyoto and edo .


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