administrative center 意味

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  • 行政{ぎょうせい}の中心地{ちゅうしんち}
  • national administrative facility experimental center:    {組織} : 《米》管理施設実験センター◆【略】NAFEC
  • national center for seeds and seedlings, independent administrative institution:    {組織} : 独立行政法人種苗管理センター◆【略】NCSS◆茨城県?つくば市に本所。2001年より独立行政法人へ移行した◆【URL】
  • administrative:    {形} : 管理上{かんりじょう}の、行政上{ぎょうせい じょう}の、経営上{けいえい じょう}の、管理{かんり}の◆【略】admin ; admin.We want you to take over the department's administrative position. われわれはあなたに部の管理職を引き継いでもらいたい。-----------------------------


  1. the settlement was located in the vicinity of the administrative center for both osaka prefecture and osaka city in the meiji and taisho periods .
  2. because maizuru city has the aspect of an administrative center with various public and government offices , most of which are related to maritime affairs , the train is frequently used for business travel .
  3. although the castle was destroyed in the great fushimi earthquake , it was quickly reconstructed , and became a symbol of the prosperity of hideyoshi in the toyotomi period , with the town becoming an important administrative center .
  4. under these circumstances , kiyomori attempted to establish a new political system with its administrative center in kyoto , created the sokan-shoku (controller ) post to control kinai and kingoku (provinces surrounding the kinai provinces ), and appointed munemori to be a shokan .
  5. after world war ii , refugees repatriated from the continent left from this station to return to their homes throughout japan and today , because the city is the administrative center of northern kyoto , with many government and other public offices , the station is mainly used for business travel .


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