administrative headquarters 意味

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  • 管理本部
  • administrative reform headquarters of the liberal democratic party:    自民党行革本部{じみんとう ぎょうかく ほんぶ}
  • at headquarters:    本部で、本社で
  • headquarters:    headquarters n. 本部, 本営; 本社; 中心地.【動詞+】The sergeant is trying to contact headquarters now.軍曹がただ今本部と連絡を取ろうとしていますestablish strike headquartersストの本部を設けるThe company established its headquarters in Tokyo .


  1. in the early days , many statutes regulated nationwide matters , such as temples , shrines , honjo (the administrative headquarters of a shoen ), shugo (provincial constable ), and jito (manager and lord of manor ).
  2. jikimu refers to immediate dominance of shoen (manor in medieval japan ) by the lord of the manor (honjo [the administrative headquarters of a shoen ] and ryoke [virtual proprietor of manor ]) , executing shomuken (the authority of the jurisdiction and the administration of shoen ).
  3. in many cases goryosho was actually controlled and run by local governors and was almost like a manor where imperial court and shogunate took the place of honjo (the administrative headquarters of manor ) or of honke , the head family (the owner of the highest-graded patches of land under the stratified land ruling structure of shoen ) or of ryoke (virtual proprietor of manor .)
  4. corresponding to the officials that handled the imposition , there were chokuji (chokuyaku ) (tax imposed by the imperial court ), inji (inyaku ) (imposed by in ), kokuji (kokuyaku ) (imposed by kokushi ), shinji (shinyaku ) (imposed by shinto shrine ), butsuji (butsuyaku ) (imposed by buddhist temple ), tenyaku (provisional imposition for any emergency or construction ), honjoyaku (imposed by administrative headquarters of manor ), honkeyaku (imposed by head family ), azukaridokoroyaku (imposed by custodian ), gesuyaku (imposed by lower ranking officer ), bukeyaku (general tax imposed in kamakura and muromachi bakufu ), jitoyaku (imposed by manager and lord of manor ), shugoyaku (imposed by provincial constable ) and so on .


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