administrative inspector 意味

  • 管理監査官{かんり かんさかん}、監察官
  • administrative inspector general:    首席監察官
  • inspector:    inspector n. 検査官, 検閲官.【動詞+】appoint an inspector検査官を任命するdispatch an inspector検査官を派遣する.【+動詞】An inspector checked the sanitary conditions of the restaurant.検査官がそのレストランの衛生状態を検査した.【形容詞 名詞+】a building ins
  • administrative:    {形} : 管理上{かんりじょう}の、行政上{ぎょうせい じょう}の、経営上{けいえい じょう}の、管理{かんり}の◆【略】admin ; admin.We want you to take over the department's administrative position. われわれはあなたに部の管理職を引き継いでもらいたい。-----------------------------


  1. the goryo to be comforted were those of the emperor sudo , imperial prince iyo , lady fujiwara , the administrative inspector (fujiwara no nakanari ), tachibana no hayanari and funya no miyatamaro .
  2. there are various opinions regarding the deities of the hassho-goryo and , in addition to those given above , imperial prince iyo (son of emperor kanmmu ), lady fujiwara (fujiwara no yoshiko , mother of imperial prince iyo ) and an administrative inspector (fujiwara no nakanari ) are also considered to be included .


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