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  1. maizuru city is poised to tackle these issues through administrative reform in its policies .
  2. due to the stalemate of the ritsuryo system , a practical administrative reform was implemented around the middle of the 9th century .
  3. august 9 , 2001: established the ' kyoto council on administrative reform of the central area ' consisting of one city and eight towns located in the central part of kyoto prefecture
    2001年8月9日 - 京都府中部の1市8町で「京都中部地域行政改革推進会議」を設立。
  4. afterwards , aiming at restructuring the nation under the ritsuryo codes , the emperor kanmu carried out a large scale of administrative reform from the late nara period to the early heian period .
  5. at the end of the eighth century , emperor kanmu started a large-scale administrative reform in order to reconstruct the ritsuryo system , which was becoming increasingly distant from the actual conditions .
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