advance a theory 意味



  1. After the war , sadaichi takahashi advanced a theory that tokinaga hamuro authored the work .
  2. In international jurisprudence after him , however , the tendency to attach more importance to positive law , and emmerich de vattel advanced a theory which was based both on natural law and positive law .
    その後の国際法学は実定法をより重視する傾向が増し、エムリッシュ?ヴァッテル (Emmerich de Vattel) は、自然法と実定法双方に軸足をおいた学説を唱えた。
  3. Takao sugihashi advanced a theory that munechika maki , who was supposed to be maki no kata ' s father or older brother , was the same person as fujiwara no munechika , a brother of ike no zenni ( " sonpi bunmyaku " (bloodlines of noble and base )) .
  4. Before wwii , kiyonori konakamura advanced a theory that kanshoku and shokusei were sharply distinguished from each other based on the moral sense such that the duties decided by the emperor were called ' kanshoku ' and the duties decided by bakufu (japanese feudal government headed by a shogun ) and retainers of the emperor without permission were called ' shokusei ,' which was criticized by masajiro takikawa and others after the war .
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