advocacy 意味

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  • in advocacy of:    ~を弁護{べんご}して
  • advocacy ad:    意見広告{いけん こうこく}
  • advocacy advertising:    意見広告{いけん こうこく}、弁護的広告{べんご てき こうこく}、アドボカシ広告{こうこく}、主張広告{しゅちょう こうこく}、論説広告{ろんせつ こうこく}


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  1. the next thing we did was build advocacy organizations .
    次に 支持団体も立ち上げました
  2. advocacy of ' writing style reform theory '
  3. advocacy groups , working with foundations .
    支持団体 財団法人に働きかけるのです
  4. and they have done advocacy and they have joined campaigns .
  5. tens of thousands of people joined the advocacy programs


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