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  • {名} : 主唱者{しゅしょう しゃ}、唱道者{しょうどうしゃ}


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  1. an advocator of the emperor organ theory , tatsukichi minobe made a speech to refute kikuchi ' s claim , but it could not stop the blame on him .
  2. major alfred thayer mahan , who later became famous as an advocator of the theory of sea power , was the vice chief of the u .s . warship ikoroi , which was anchoring at hyogo port during the kobe incident .
  3. having studied the yomei-gaku (neo-confucianism based on the teachings of wang yangming ) with the confucian scholar sessai morita in kurashiki city , he became an ardent advocator of the ' sonno joi ' slogan , (revere the emperor and expel the foreigners ).
  4. same as koin kido , he was an advocator of the lenient policy and in the boshin war; he had a meeting with seiichiro miyajima of the yonezawa domain to make him commit the facilitation of the aizu domain ' s ' kisho ' (rectification and reinsertion ).


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