affable evenings 意味

  • 心地良い夕方{ゆうがた}
  • evenings:    {副-1} : いつも夜は、毎夜、毎夕--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{副-2} : 夕方{ゆうがた}に、晩に◆in the evening と同じ意味を表すアメリカ用法
  • in the evenings:    夜ごと
  • affable:    affable adj. 愛想のよい.【+前置詞】affable and courteous in manner愛想よくいんぎんな態度でHe was affable to his guests.客に対して愛想がよかったAlthough at first reserved, after a few drinks he became quite affable toward us.最初は自分を抑え


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