affect someone's composure 意味

  • (人)の落ち着き振りに影響{えいきょう}を与える
  • composure:    composure n. 平静, 沈着, 落ち着き.【動詞+】He feigned composure, though his heart raced.平静を装ったが, 胸はどきどきしていたYou have great composure.とても落ち着いていますねI was unable to keep my composure any longer, and I burst out laug
  • with composure:    with composure平然とへいぜんと
  • adversely affect someone's appetite:    (人)の食欲{しょくよく}に悪影響{あくえいきょう}を及ぼす


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