affectionate bond 意味

  • 情緒的{じょうちょてき}なつながり
    Attachment refers to the affectional bond that forms between a nurturing figure such as a mother and her child. 愛情とは養育する人物と子どもとの間の情緒的なつながりに帰するものである
  • affectionate:    affectionate adj. 愛情のこもった; 情愛のある, やさしい.【副詞】Janet is on deeply affectionate terms with Bob.ジャネットはボブととても仲がよいa devotedly affectionate husband献身的に愛情の深い夫She is dutifully affectionate rather than loving.愛
  • affectionate to:    《be ~》(人)に優しい
  • be affectionate to:    be affectionate to慈じ


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