affectionate to 意味

  • 《be ~》(人)に優しい
  • affectionate:    affectionate adj. 愛情のこもった; 情愛のある, やさしい.【副詞】Janet is on deeply affectionate terms with Bob.ジャネットはボブととても仲がよいa devotedly affectionate husband献身的に愛情の深い夫She is dutifully affectionate rather than loving.愛
  • be affectionate to:    be affectionate to慈じ
  • to be affectionate:    to be affectionate可愛がるかわいがる


  1. and be more affectionate to papa ?
  2. on the other hand , wang yangming simply read ' qinmin ' as meaning ' to be affectionate to the people .'
  3. based on the content , it developed to imply ' a boy and a girl who were friends since their childhood (growing affectionate to each other and getting married ).'


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