affinity to 意味

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  • ~への親近感{しんきんかん}
  • affinity:    affinity n. 密接な関係; 類似性, 相性, 和合性; 好み; 〔化学〕 親和力.【動詞+】The bone structure demonstrates a close affinity to that of modern man.その骨格は現代人の骨格とかなり近いものであるShe soon developed an affinity for classical music.まもな
  • affinity for:    ~の強い好み
  • (chemical) affinity:    (chemical) affinity親和力しんわりょく


  1. humans are born with a natural affinity to become better .
    また 人間は生まれながらに もっと よくなろう
  2. further , the above-mentioned novelist nagai interpreted that go rather had a sense of affinity to iemitsu who had a similar character to hers .
  3. different to festivals using mikoshi (portable shrine ) or dashi (float ), the " tanabata matsuri " is an event with affinity to shopping avenues .


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