after a short while 意味

  • 程なくして
  • for a short while:    短い間
  • short while:    short while須臾しゅゆ暫時ざんじ
  • after a while:    しばらくして(から)After a while spring will come. しばらくすれば、春が来る。


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  1. although he was appointed kanrei , he resigned after a short while .
  2. and when we left the room after a short while , we heard matsuosan's scream ...
    部屋を出て 少しした時に 松尾さんの悲鳴が...
  3. emperor kinmei gave the statue to iname and assigned him to buddhist services , but a plague broke out after a short while .
  4. after a short while , the information was transmitted by a ship from ise that the oda clan invaded the territory of the takeda clan , ujimasa responded to the move and invaded takeda ' s territory in suruga province in concerted action .
  5. since imawaka ' s father yoshitomo was defeated and died in the heiji war when he was at an early age of 7 in 1159 , he was forced to enter the priesthood at daigo-ji temple and named himself ryucho (隆超 ) (or ryuki (隆起 )) , then zenjo after a short while .


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